The Thompson Law Office has handled  dozens of cases involving questions of paternity. As family lawyers, our Indiana law firm handle cases where mothers, fathers or other related parties desire to establsih or question the paternity relationshiip with a child. 

There is only one way to officially establish paternity in Indiana, by judicial order obtained either through: the mother and father each signing an affidavit that confirms parentage, or either parent can file a suit to establish paternity. Regardless of your relationship to the child,  if you are named in a parternity action, you need to contact a family law attorney at our firm to help. Because the affidavit acknowledging paternity wil be a permanent affirmation of paternity it is equally important that you consult with an Indiana lawyer at our firm before signing.

Establishing Paternity 

Paternity is most often determined by DNA testing in Indiana. DNA testing of each parent and the child will show the likelihood of paternity and rule out anyone who cannot be biologically related. DNA testing is admissible evidence in paternity hearings and considered very highly accurate.

Once paternity is established, the father is responsible for child support, and possibly providing insurance, and portiions of uninsured health care expenses plus certain other expenses.  The mother is equally obligated for these expenses, however, the proprotion tha tis paid by each parent is determined through calcuations based on each parent's income.   These calcuations are very sensitive to the facts presented, and thus it is wise to seek the assistance of good. legal counsel.  The Thompson Law Office is experienced and can guide you thorugh the process toward the best result for you and your children.

Likeiwse, custody and parenting time are intergral pieces of a paternity order.  Many fathers find that custody decisions and parenting time are unreasonably difficult to exercise in paternity situations.  Often, mothers feel that teh father is ill equipped to fulfuill his role as a father to the child.  Whichever side of the case you are on, attorney Andrew Thompson, has exceptional skill in helping parents fully attain their rights and in serving the best interests of their children.  

Please call our office today to determine if you are ready and in need of our services in a looming or ongoing paterntiy case.