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The notion of divorce is virtually foreign to anyone who gets married.  You marry a person because you expect to spend your life with that person.  But when the point of irreconciliable differences is reached, you need the steady hand, assertiveness and experience of a lawyer and legal team that can advise you of your rights and help you make sure those rights are protected to their fullest.  

There are certain requirements for divorce in Indiana, you should know these before proceeding with an action for dissolution of marriage. First, udnerstand that the spouse who files is called the ‘Petitioner.’ The other spouse is the ‘Respondent’ in the case.

• One party must be an Indiana resident for at least six months prior to filing for divorce.

• One party must be a resident of the county where divorce has been filed for at least three months prior to filing. * There Must be an “Irretrievable Breakdown” of the Marriage.

Our team of skilled attorneys and staff, will help you address all of the vital issues in a divorce, including:

  • the division of marital property,
  • child custody,
  • parenting time,
  • child support, 
  • settlement of debt,
  • maintenance,
  • "alimony"
  • any other issue needed to resolve the parties differences.

We utilize all of the tools at our disposial to help you achieve your ends in divorce.  If you need third party experts in accounting, business valuation, child custody, etc., we will bring them in as necessary.  We make every effort to be sure you go as far toward achieving your goals as they law permits.  

If the point of irretrievable breakdown has been reached in your marriage, we can help you deal with the split of assets, custody issues, child support and parenting time.  We provide the highest level of care to our clients needs and do what is necessary to help them succeed in securing their rights.  We diligently work to obtain the best outcome for the equitable division of marital assets, child custody, parenting time child support and any other issues pertaining to divorce for you.

For an initial consultation to better understand your rights and responsibilities in resolving divorce issues, please contact our office today.

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