Child custody disputes present some of the most excruciating challenges in the field of law.  Balancing the rights of parents and the needs and best interests of chidlren is difficult to say the least.  The adjustments chidlren face following divorce or the split of their parents in a paternity situation, force courts and lawyers to see the pain of the parents and chidlren first hand.  

At the Thompson Law Office, we are zealous advocates for your rights and for your children's interest in the quality of their relationships with you and their other parent.  We fight hard to make sure you receive the benefit of a well presented case demonstrating the importance of your role as a parent.  We will not stand by while unsubstantiated claims about our clients are used to try to wrongly sway opinions and hinder the relationship of you and your children.  We stand by you and by the evidence you brng us to present.

We are well versed in dealing with the entire range of difficult custody issues, involving:

  • Denials of parenting time;
  • Paternity Testing;
  • Fathers Rights;
  • Joint Physical Custody;
  • Joint or Sole Legal Custody;
  • Supervised Parenting Time;
  • Contenpt;
  • Show Cause;
  • Contested Hearings;
  • Establishing Paternity;
  • Parenting Time Guidelines;
  • Parental Alienation;
  • Parenting Plans, 
  • Etc.

Using the entire range of custody related tools to resolve difficult disputes, including:

  • Guardian Ad Litem;
  • Custody Evaluation;
  • Mediation;
  • Depositions;
  • Written Interrogatories;
  • Requests for Production of Documents;
  • Requests for Admissions;
  • Domestic relations Counseling Bureau;
  • Other Custody Tools 

In the most difficult circumstances, we serve clients facing problem cases involving DCS (often called CPS), and make sure you are properly protected.  When retained to do so, we work for grandparents seeking guardianships or visitation, and at other times, we represent parents engaged in battles to regain custody from a guardian if the situation requires it.

Whatever your unique situation, we are there to champion your cause.  To schedule an initial consultation concerning your rights and the best legal strategy to help you achieve the optimum result for you and your children, please contact our office today.